Posted 5.17.2019

How To Keep Your Directional Boring Backreamer In Top Form

A directional boring backreamer is essential to any HDD job. Not only do you need a reamer that will cut the desired diameter, but you also need one that will aid in removing the cuttings from the hole. If you cut a 24" hole, but half of it is full of the cuttings, you’re going to have a tough time pulling in the 16" pipe. As a driller, it might be tempting to try to save money by cutting corners with a cheaper or smaller reamer, but this can lead to costly b

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Posted 2.6.2018

How to Avoid a Sticky Situation When Backreaming in Clay

By: Bridger Cottle, Owner/President of Drilling Fluids Solutions   Every driller who has ever tried to use a backreamer in clay knows that things can go south fast. Use the wrong type of reamer or try to rush your job and you end up with a balled-up r

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Posted 1.25.2018

FastReam Fastback HDD: Overall Lighter Construction Site Presence

There’s no arguing that the demand for trenchless construction for utility infrastructure installation and restoration is on the rise. However, the growing competition for trenchless jobs coupled with contractors’ need for greater efficiency can conflict when conditions aren’t ideal. Simply put, drillers need to get more out of tight jobs and short bores than they used to.   The engineers at Melfred Borzall saw the need to increase boring effic

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Posted 12.19.2017

How to Properly Measure Your Reamer and Choose the Right Size for the Job

Determining the appropriate size backreamer for your job can get a little tricky. You can’t just hold up a ruler to such an oddly-shaped tool and expect to get an accurate measurement. But your HDD reamers need to be the right size f

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Posted 9.21.2017

What Causes a Road to Hump (and How to Avoid It)

Road humps–or accidental “speed bumps”–are expensive, time-consuming errors that shouldn’t happen in the first place. Though less common these days than during the telecom boom (when it seemed like anyone with access to a backreamer could install conduit without much supervision), there are still some conditions under which road humping can occur.

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