Posted 12.3.2019

What Does Cobble Mean for Your Directional Drilling Job?

For every driller, there's that one job. You know the one — you barely got through it, and it still haunts you. You've spent every job since just hoping you wouldn't get caught in a situation like that again. There's a good chance it involved a material you hadn't drilled through before, and there's an even better chance that material was cobble.

The dreaded cobble presents a lot of challenges in the field for drillers and contractors. But why?

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Posted 11.5.2019

Horizontal Directional Drilling Through the Years

Like most good ideas, horizontal directional drilling did not spring forth fully formed. It took many years, and incremental developments in directional technologies, to get to where we are today. A lot of the HDD tools, methods and transmitter location systems we take for granted were based on technology created for different purposes, such as oil well drilling and general construction. So, to understand where we're going, it's vital to know how far our ind

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Posted 6.7.2019

Five Tough Back Reaming Options For Shale

When it comes to sedimentary rock, we all know shale very well. It’s not hard to find since it accounts for nearly 70% of the rock in the Earth’s crust. Shale is made of silt, clay and minerals like quartz, calcite, pyrite and mica. It’s usually found in areas where water is or was present. Shale forms through a process known as “compaction.” Compaction occurs when sediments that are deeply buried are placed under a great amount of pressure from th

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Posted 5.17.2019

How To Keep Your Directional Boring Backreamer In Top Form

A directional boring backreamer is essential to any HDD job. Not only do you need a reamer that will cut the desired diameter, but you also need one that will aid in removing the cuttings from the hole. If you cut a 24" hole, but half of it is full of the cuttings, you’re going to have a tough time pulling in the 16" pipe. As a driller, it might be tempting to try to save money by cutting corners with a cheaper or smaller reamer, but this can lead to costly b

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Posted 4.17.2019

4 Great HDD Drill Blades and Drill Bits for Sandstone

Sandstone is a pretty common material to find on the job. While it's considered "soft," anyone who has drilled through it before knows that doesn't make the task easier — in fact, sandstone can be fairly abrasive. As with any HDD job, you have to come prepared. Luckily, we've got your back. We'll show you some great HDD drill blades and drill bits for sandstone so you can dig in!  

What Exactly is Sandstone?

Tiny grains of mineral, rock and

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