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Ready to become an HDD tool distributor? Let’s dig in.

Work with the original HDD manufacturer to provide high quality tools to drillers who need ‘em. Our signature red products practically sell themselves because drillers know that we make the highest quality, most durable tools for directional drilling. But we’re always looking for knowledgeable, customer-oriented distributors to help drill operators get their hands on the product they need. If you’re interested in carrying Melfred Borzall products in your on-site inventory, contact us and we’ll get you set up.

Courtesy & Professionalism

Our network of HDD tool distributors is the backbone of our superior customer service and we don’t take that for granted. We treat all our distributors with the same respect and courtesy we treat our customers. Communication, integrity and follow-through ensure that you have plenty of inventory on hand to help drillers get back to work right away.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee all our parts and products so you end up taking back less inventory and fielding fewer complaint calls.

Technology & Innovation

When you become a Melfred Borzall HDD tool distributor, you know you’re carrying top of the line technology from expert engineers who prioritize drilling safety and efficiency over corporate profits.


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Fast Back
We Just Sped Up the Speed of LightA small, mud-filled pit is the last place you want to remove the drill head and install a reamer. And now you don’t have to with the FastBack® family of pullback devices from Melfred Borzall. FastBack devices allow you to pull back product without ever taking off the drill head, so within minutes of completing the pilot bore you’ll already be pulling pipes back. Fast and easy underground production that puts you ahead of the curve. . . that’s the Borzall Edge.



We’re committed to helping directional drillers remain productive and profitable. Our knowledgeable sales staff are here to answer your questions and get you the right tools for the job.