Eagle Claws & Replacement Cutters

The #1 bit for hard, rocky soil conditions.


The newly redesigned Eagle Claw SD™ bit is made for hard, rocky soil conditions. The hardened steel carbide cutter teeth on the front of the bit are designed to cut through the hardest soils with embedded chunky hardfacing. The interchangeable cutter teeth accommodate a wide variety of job conditions. has integrated dome carbide blocks into the body to give greater wear protection and cutting power. Added conical carbides on the upper cutting face add more aggression to the bit’s cutting power. The dome carbide blocks on the opposite side of the body also help transfer more power to the cutting surface as they push against the wall pack during rotation downhole.

Performance Features:

  • Unique balanced cutting design improves cutting efficiency
  • Aggressive tri-tooth carbide cutting action gets through the hardest conditions
  • Smooth running with minimal vibration to drill stem and drill rig
  • Dome carbide buttons ­minimize wear on bit body and push against the wall pack
  • Quickly and easily change out carbide cutter teeth
  • Easily threads on to a side-load or high-flow housing
  • Steering face has conical shape for quicker reaction to directional “pushes”

Available sizes:

  • Available in several cut sizes for rigs from 7,000 to 200,000 lbs.


  • Best For:
  • Shale Shale
  • Sandstone Sandstone
  • Good For:
  • Hardpan Hardpan



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