Red Diamond Blade

Diamonds are a driller’s best friend

Increase your production rate with this new Melfred Borzall innovation that works harder and smarter than the average blade. The Red Diamond Blade design features a single front-end domed carbide for blunt force that extends the blade’s overall life. The new diamondshaped carbides on the front sides aggressively tear through hard ground conditions and the low-profile diamond carbides near the rear help to minimize drag. The continuous perimeter of carbides give the blade a mean look with a lethal bite. It’s a driller’s ace in the hole.

Performance Features:

  • Durable Domed Front Carbide
  • Diamond-shaped carbides on sides for aggressive cutting —100% carbide coverage
  • Continuous low-profile back carbides to minimize wear
  • Tapered design towards the rear to reduce drag
Drill CompatibilityCut DiameterProduct Number
7-hole Vermeer*4.5" cut#1800-13-45-BRD
7-hole Vermeer*5.5" cut#1800-13-55-BRD
5-hole Ditch Witch**4.5" cut#1800-14-45-BRD
6-hole Ditch Witch**5.5" cut#1600-15-55-BRD


  • Best For:
  • Shale Shale
  • Sandstone Sandstone
  • Cobbles Cobbles
  • Caliche Caliche
  • Good For:
  • Sandstone Sandstone
  • Hardpan Hardpan
  • Gravel Gravel
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When you’re deep in an HDD job, you need tools you can count on. Our expert team of engineers has bored through every type of soil, sand and rock there is. When stock Vermeer and Ditch Witch tools just couldn’t cut it, we went ahead and designed our own. Download the Product Catalog to view product details.

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*Ace Bit® and Vermeer® are registered trademarks of Vermeer Mfg. Co., Pella, IA
**Ditch Witch® is a registered trademark of Charles Machine Works, Perry, OK