Bits & Blades

Harder, Faster, Stronger Bolt-On Blades and Directional Drilling Bits

These nearly indestructible bits & blades are built to withstand all the tough spots and rough patches Mother Nature throws in your way. Most of our bits have unique features that allow you to utilize FastBack® attachments for quick pullbacks. Our computer designed, field tested, signature red directional drilling bits are a force to be reckoned with.


Drillers that have been struggling to find a directional blade for hard ground conditions now have a solution. The Melfred Borzall engineers, with their impressive history of successfully addressing real-life challenges in HDD, have developed a new directional blade that not only increases drilling efficiency, but also addresses everyday production-draining issues such as blade drag, carbide wear and pullback efficiency. The Red Diamond Blade design is tougher and smarter.

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Steer through tough grounds without locking up. This premium drill bit slices through cemented cobble, hard packed soils and softer shales. The aggressive tapered bit front and contoured steel surface with chunky carbide wear surface help you keep a firm grip on the job. Now available with dome carbides for blazing through those cobbles without missing a beat.

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This is the MVP of our fleet of bits & blades. Ultra Bit 3 is an outstanding all-around ground solution with excellent steering and incredible durability thanks to its large welded carbide blocks and contoured steer surface with chunky carbide wear surface.

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Get ready to rock and roll with this bull-nose designed bolt-on blade. Rock Saw gives you smoother rotation, better cutting and easier steering pushes in rocky and abrasive soil conditions. Get more aggressive forward and side cutting with Rock Saw’s UltraBit style conical carbide cutters around the front of the bit. Now available with dome carbides for rockin’ past those cobbles without getting hung up.

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This versatile bit is as classy as it is powerful. Excalibur features larger and deeper carbides than competing drill bits for longer life. Excalibur’s round nose makes for smooth cutting and easier steering pushes in rocky and abrasive soil conditions.

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This economical drill bit packs a mighty punch. Use in soft but abrasive conditions when you need a directional drilling bit that can stand up to relentless wear and tear.

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Behold, the King of the Beasts! This burly blade uses large conical carbide cutters to eat through caliche, sandstone and other tough conditions. Our rugged design and engineering make the Bear Claw one of the fiercest blades on the market.

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Iron Fist Cobble Bit

Challenging cobble bore? Not anymore. The Iron Fist packs a major punch in cobble and loose rock conditions and is designed to be easily and inexpensively rebuilt, reducing your tooling costs. Bam.

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Eagle Claws

Updated Design

The Melfred Borzall Eagle Claw SD™ is the fastest drilling, best steering and most durable hard soil drill bit on the market. The end. Straight-thru cutter knockout holes, MudBoost ports, built-in check valve and dome cutter blocks in the body make the Eagle Claw SD™ the most productive HDD rock bit you can buy.

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Pit Bull™ Housing & Blade

New patent-pending blade and housing design will make sure you never shear another bolt off again.


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