Drive Chucks & Sub-Savers

Protect the drill rod threads on your Vermeer Navigator® and Ditch Witch Jet Trac®

In the HDD business, small parts shoulder big responsibilities. Too much wear on your drill rods starts to deform the shape of the worn sub-saver threads. And that’s bad news for your drilling operation. Get more life out of every drill rod by changing out your worn sub-savers and drive chucks. When attaching the drill rod to the sub-saver or chuck, be sure to torque it up to the correct pressure. And don’t forget your Auntie C’s thread lube!


Drive Chucks & Sub-Savers for Vermeer Navigator®

Precision CNC machining means that these drive chucks and sub-savers will keep your drill rod threads safe and sound. Boost your drive chuck’s life by adding a replaceable sub-saver to bear the brunt of the wear so your drill rod threads don’t have to.

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Drive Chucks & Sub-Savers for Ditch Witch Jet Trac®

Same precision engineering and rugged materials but designed as a direct replacement for your Ditch Witch Jet Trac®. These bad boys are a perfect match to your drill rod so you don’t lose time fixing compatibility issues.

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