FastBack® System

Fast & easy pullback devices that work with any Borzall bit.

Ok, you know a quick and easy way to pull back a small pipe. But what happens when you’re in a tight spot and have multiple conduits or one big pipe? No problem. Melfred Borzall’s patent pending FastBack system gives you the pullback devices you need to quickly ream up to a 12″ hole… without ever taking the drill head off.

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FastBack Pullback Attachments

A small, mud-filled pit is the last place you want to remove the drill head and install a reamer. And now you don’t have to with the FastBack family of pullback devices from Melfred Borzall. FastBack pullback attachments allow you to pull back product without ever taking off the drill head, so within minutes of completing the pilot bore you’ll already be pulling pipes back. Fast and easy underground production that puts you ahead of the curve. . . that’s the Borzall Edge.

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FastReam® Housings

Hands down, the FastReam Housing is the most efficient tool for doing direct pullback of large or multiple pipes where exit side access is limited or you need to do multiple bores per day.

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FastReam Cutter Blocks

FastReam Cutter Blocks work with the FastReam housing to cut up to 12” diameter for direct pullbacks. Designed after our best selling reamer, the Terminator, these blades enable you to get through tough conditions while providing much needed mixing and pumping action. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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FastBack Adapters featuring MudBoost

Give your pullback a boost. MudBoost Adapters get extra mud flow on the pullback side of the sonde housing faster, for more efficient direct pullback and better sonde cooling.

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