FastBack® Pullback Attachments

Do your pullback with any Borzall bit.

Our goal is to increase your production. That’s what it’s about in this biz and with our new FastBack pullback attachments, you can do just that. Whether you are using an Iron Fist bit for cobbles, an Eagle Claw for shale, or just a good ‘ol “duck bill” we have an attachment to make it fast and easy for direct pullbacks.

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Eagle Eye

Be ready for direct pull back in a matter of minutes. Bolt your Eagle Eye onto your Eagle Claw bit for direct pullbacks, providing a secure link and keeping the swivel straight and on the centerline. Eagle Eye’s heat treated one-piece design with carbide buttons give you maximum strength and longevity.

Performance features:

  • Carbide hardfacing and carbide cutters make these tools tough and long lasting
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Swivel held in-line with pullback

Iron Eye

The Iron Eye works hand-in-hand with the Iron Fist cobble bit for direct pullbacks, providing a secure link and keeping the swivel straight and on the centerline.

Performance features:

  • Ideal for cobble conditions
  • Converts Iron Fist into pullback device
  • Carbide hardfacing to last long


Stop wasting time trying to shackle up a generic swivel to your bit. The Quick-Swivel is a 10,000 pound swivel that attaches directly to Melfred Borzall blades for quick and safe direct pullbacks. The unique locking pin keeps the Quick-Swivel straight and on-center.

Performance features:

  • Do direct pullbacks without removing the drill head
  • Quickly bolts on to most Borzall blased, including Excalibur blade
  • Swivel stays in line with the rotation of the drill head
  • Made from the same quality components as the 5-ton Valu-DUB swivel


When you’re down in the pit, it pays to think quick. The Quick Link easily connects 5- or 10-ton swivels to Melfred Borzall blades and keeps them straight and on-center for quick and safe direct pullbacks. It avoids flopping or jack-knifing that can happen with shackles.

Performance features:

  • Quick-Link connects 5 or 10 ton swivels to Melfred Borzall bits
  • Keeps swivels straight and on-center
  • Avoids clevis flopping and jack-knifing
  • More secure and faster than using multiple shackles

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