It doesn’t matter how good your Vermeer or Ditch Witch drills are if you don’t have the right reamer for your job.

When it comes to reamers, we’ve got your back. Whether you’re going through clay, sand or rock, our wide assortment of backreamers is designed to get you through even the toughest conditions. We offer the most quality reamers in the industry, available in a number of different configurations and sizes. Melfred Borzall reamers help you get better production on backream and pullback from your Ditch Witch or Vermeer drill.



Juggernaut Reamer

More carbide cutters than competitive fluted reamers mean that this versatile, compact tool makes tracks in lots of different soil types. Faster, smoother cutting action, longer life and more successful bores each day. Boom. Juggernauts with built-in swivels keep the reamer assembly as short as possible for reaming in cobble or loose rock. Juggernauts with pulling eyes save money by using one clevis swivel on multiple reamers.

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Shredder Reamer

No need to break the bank when you can use this powerful but economical reaming machine in sand with cobbles, sandstone and hardpan. Open wide because the Shredder has a mouth full of carbide tipped shark teeth to crunch through tough ground conditions any day of the week.

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Tornado Reamer

This Melfred Borzall original design combines aggressive cutting and mixing to reduce pullback and rotational forces. Tornado is ideal for sticky clays and reactive soils but can also be used very successfully in a variety of conditions from sand to hardpan.

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Tornado Pup Reamer

Use these powerful puppies for bores requiring multiple reaming passes. Save money by only buying the exact amount of reaming you need. Tornado Pup reamers start cutting at a larger diameter–typically 2”-4” smaller than the previous reamer size. Remember, Tornado Pups work best with Borzall Barrels.

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Tornado Jr. Reamer

Tornado Jr. makes it possible to do direct pullback of pipes up to 4” diameter for shorter bores in good ground conditions. Part of our FastBack system, use Tornado Jr. to ream a hole without taking off the drill head.

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Ogre Reamer

Hard rock, chunk rock and cobble? Ogre chews ‘em up and spits ‘em out. Packed with carbide cutters, Ogre is unquestionably the best reamer on the market for faster, smoother cutting and unsurpassed durability in hard rock conditions.

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Barrel Stabilizer Reamer

Keep your bore centralized on multiple pass reams and pack and stabilize the hole with these long-life barrel reamers. Borzall Barrels feature internal baffles to reduce weight from drilling fluid and bid-directional cutter blocks for push or pull use. They also minimize hole collapse by using replaceable forward-facing nozzles to provide lubrication without jetting out hole walls.

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Sabertooth Reamer

Crunch through hard ground at an affordable price. With lots of tall shark teeth in a spiral pattern and a tapered packing section, Sabertooth tackles sticky, sandy or rocky ground conditions on a single bore.

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Turbo Reamer

When reaming sand and unstable soils, apply a little Turbo power. Turbo’s newly redesigned mixing, pumping and packing features make boring in sand more manageable. Backup blades and Turbo’s packing section make for easy pushbacks to swab out the hole, resulting in effortless pullbacks.

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Hedgehog Reamer

Use this pointy little fellow to burrow into lots of soil types for an economical price. Bi-directional cutters allow Hedgehog to be used as both a conventional pull reamer or as a push reamer to get more mileage out of your Ditch Witch or Vermeer drill.

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