Ensure a successful installation each and every time with our high quality HDD pullback swivels.

Give your reamers the freedom to spin with our super-strong HDD pullback swivels that withstand high rpms without breaking a sweat. Protect your pipe against unnecessary wear with any one of our mighty swivels, available at price points to match every job.



Deluxe DUB Pulling Swivels

It’s not the cheapest, but it is the best. And if you’re pulling in 1500′ of 20″ HDPE, isn’t that what you really need? Deluxe DUB swivels are the most secure way to complete your backream pullbacks. The greasable tapered roller or spherical bearings and four-stage sealing system on your Deluxe DUB features a metal-to-metal face seal to ensure reliability and long life.

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Valu-DUB Pulling Swivels

Valu-DUB Swivels are as dependable as they are economical. Greasable premium angular contact bearings and triple sealing system meet the demands of even the toughest HDD job.

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Part of our FastBack System, the Quick Swivel is a 10,000 pound swivel that attaches directly to Melfred Borzall bits for quick and safe direct pullbacks. The unique locking pin keeps the Quick-Swivel straight and on-center.

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Valu-DUB Fluted Reamer Swivels

The value and features of Valu-DUB swivels made for fluted reamer setups, resulting in a compact overall backreamer length.

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Deluxe-DUB Fluted Reamer Swivels

All the awesome features of Deluxe DUB HDD pullback swivels but designed for fluted reamers to keep your overall backreamer length compact.

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