Transmitter Housings

Transmitter housings for hard-working directional drills

Let’s face facts: directional drills are only as functional as their transmitters. Keep yours safe and sound with our ultra-durable and secure line of transmitter housings that protect your transmitter so you can cover more ground. These smooth operators look sleek on the outside but are nearly invincible inside–where it counts.



Side-Load, Bolt-On Transmitter Housings

If it’s good enough for the aeronautics industry, it’s good enough for us. These tough-as-nails transmitter housings feature heat-treated, chrome-nickel-moly alloy steel for maximum strength and durability – the same high strength, fatigue- resistant steel used in landing gears and propeller shafts.


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Side-Load, Thread-On Transmitter Housings

Same heat-treated, chrome-nickel-moly alloy steel as our bolt-on transmitter housings. Box by box design provides unmatched versatility and value so you can use your Eagle Claw, Iron Fist or bolt-on blades with one housing. The stainless steel timing mechanism makes clocking the transmitter to the bit a cinch and straight-through gun-drilled fluid ports make the transmitter housing easy to clean.


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High Flow Transmitter Housing

Maximum mud flow with minimum restriction. The Melfred Borzall End-Load, High Flow Housing is a perfect match for your next rock job when utilizing a mud motor or air hammer. It has the design, strength, and flow capacity to handle the toughest rock bores. Ideal to use with Mud Motors, Eagle Claw & Iron Fist bits & bolt-on bit bodies. Run your mud motors at maximum power and efficiency, even on long bores.


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Transmitter Housing Adapters

Don’t ditch your housing just because the threads are worn out. These transmitter housing adapters are practically indestructible and they allow different Melfred Borzall housings to be used on any brand HDD rig. No one lives forever, but with these adapters your transmitter could come close.


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Bolt-On Bit Bodies for Thread-On Style Housings

Make your thread-on housing even more versatile with a bit body to use with bolt-on bits and blades.


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Pit Bull™ Housing & Blade

New patent-pending blade and housing design will make sure you never shear another bolt off again.


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